Dr Ian Batten

Me in B&W

I am currently a teaching-focused lecturer in the School of Computer Science at the University of Birmingham. My main areas of interest are where computer security and networking meet. You can read more details about the courses I teach, my hours, my contact details and more here.

My teaching and office calendar is here.

My office hours are currently Wednesdays 1100–1200 and Thursdays 1400–1500.

Contrary to what you might think from my dapper appearance, I am not a fashion designer. That other Ian Batten is here, although the last time I drove past his shop he appeared to have retired and the website has not been updated in some years.

I tweet as @ibatten. Occasionally I post longer things here. I am on LinkedIn as ianbatten.

My various keys can be obtained here, including my primary PGP key. A copy of my primary PGP key is also available here. I intend to sign all keys for the foreseeable future with this key.

An additional PGP key for my Birmingham email can be found here. It has been cross-signed with my primary PGP key.

I have a taste for old Hewlett Packard calculators, and modern clones of them. If you are throwing any out, throw them my way!

My PhD, "Trusted Execution: Applications and Verification" was awarded in April 2016, thanks to the excellent supervision of Professor Mark Ryan.

I have an Erdős number of 4, according to this Imperial analysis which has Mark Ryan at 3.

Hurricane Electric very kindly provided my home IPv6 connectivity for some years. I now have it natively via the excellent Andrews and Arnold, but HE's commitment to IPv6 rollout should be recongnised as well.